Kannambadi Backwaters Kaveri river

       Kannambadi Backwaters Kaveri river Karnataka 
It was a wonderful Sunday Morning I Planned My Trip to Kannambadi and Visit Venugopalswamy Temple which is at the Same Place and on the Kaveri River so the Climate is Wonderful Day and Looking @ the Climate wonderful with Cloudy and Hot Morning it was a Special Sunday for Travel and we Started our Journey @ 11:00 am in the morning I and my GrandFather Joined my Travel and Getting Things Ready and Living the Home was @ 11:30 am in the morning we have one route to Go through one is through Industrial which is around 22km From My Location so Moving in Via Infosys Road and passing through Industrial area and which will Join us Through KRS Road the Climate Conditions was Hot and wonderful and Minutes Passed by we Reached Kaveri Bridge which is Near and the Next to Brindavan Gardens Entrance "Traffic Conditions were Moderate During Morning Slow Movements of Vehicles in the Bridge and Some People were Taking Selfie Near the Bridge "the Kaveri River Flowing Below the Bridge was Wonderful to View From top and still we have to go another 16km to reach Kannambadi "the Backwaters of Kaveri River " the Roads were Bit Curvey and the Speed i was driving was 70km/hour and we saw a Beautiful Temple on the Right Side "the Temple in the Village few Kilometers Before Kanambadi the View was Like this
The Climate Looking @ the Sky is wonderful to watch and wonderful sunny Morning "The Beautiful Temple Gopuram and its looks amazing in the Beautiful Climate wonderful to watch and another Side of the Temple was Read and wonderful Like this 
The other side of the Temple we Parked our car on the Side and took this View which was wonderful to watch and amazing moving on towards the Destination there are two Route " One Goes to Ragantittu Bird Sanctuary and that is Right and Leftside Goes to Kanambadi " Backwaters of Kaveri River another 10km From the Location of the Temple the time was moving as well as the minute passed by "  we Moved bit Slowly Bcoz of Bridgework is Going on and we Next took the Left turn which will go through Backwaters route " Kannambadi and it passed through a small Village and Minutes Passed by the View Near Kanambadi was Like this the Beautiful Nature "  the Road is a Mud Road till backwaters Entrance
the View of the Backwaters Near the Entrance was Like this 
The View From the Right-Hand Side " the Beauty of the Backwater the Near the Location it is Wonderful and Cool air Breezing the Climate in the Kannambadi the Backwaters side which is an amazing View to Start... we Still Need to Reach around 800Meters to the Parking area so on the way the Beautiful View and on the Left Side was Rock hills wonderful to watch @ start the time was around 12:30 pm in the afternoon we reached our Destination Kannambadi Backwaters Kaveri river lots of People During the afternoon and we are Taking Precaution Steps Like Facemask and hand sanitizer before Getting down the Car there is a good parking place to park the car Finally the Viewing Nature around on the Right Side the Beautiful Nature 
The View of the Kaveri River on the Opposite Side and Surrounding nature wonderful to watch during the rainy season when the dam Gets Filled up when the Gate of the Dam has Opened the Flow of the water will be High and Heavy at that time we are not allowed and we are Experiencing a wonderful Nature around with wonderful Hot Breezy Cold Wind near the river the Boating is Available and it's around Boat only for few Kilometers they will take and will Return u to the land...and on the Left-hand side we Could see " Venugopalswamy Temple which is on the Kaveri River the View was wonderful " we were Not Allowed due to Covid-19 Pandemic the Temple was Closed the View of the Temple From the Backwaters was wonderful 
Venugopalswamy Temple on the left side and due to the pandemic the Temple was Closed so we Couldn't able to see only the Outer Temple which was wonderful architecture to View and Next we saw another side of the River which is Coming From the dam side the Beautiful View of Backwaters from another side which was Like this 

The View From the other side of the Backwaters was wonderful to watch "  with Blue Sky and wonderful Climate and River on Both the Side an amazing View we got and the wonderful time we had in the backwaters...we Spent Few Minutes in the backwaters and we Missed Venugopalswamy Temple due to two reasons as said By authority and Locals " the First Reason was Due to pandemic the Temple are Closed and only Few temple authority are allowed and no Public is allowed During this time and the second thing is that the dam is Filled and River Flow is High and the Currents so due to this two reasons the Temple Side was Blocked ... and after Spending Few Minutes in the Backwaters the time was around 3:45 pm in the afternoon we are making for our Return Journey so same route and while Leaving the Kannambadi Backwaters the View after Getting out From Parking was Wonderful Rocks wonderful to watch...

The View on the Right-hand Side during our Return Journey from Backwaters and the amazing Nature we got to Experience and even the Climate was " wonderful and we Passed through this and moved on Through Mud Road should take right in 800meters the View of the Road 

and took Right and Crossed the First Bridge and Next we are Moving towards the Kaveri Bridge which is near KRS Dam and on the Right-hand Side was KRS Dam and Crossed Kaveri Bridge and the Speed I was Going was around 65km with Moderate Traffic Conditions and on the Kaveri Bridge, we Could See Kaveri River Flowing which were Wonderful to watch we Didn't Stop Bcoz lots of Traffic Jams already and Traffic was Coming Behind us so we didn't have space to park near the bridge " Bcoz some were already taking pic an amazing View I Crossed the Village and Caught the Industrial area and Reached home @ 4:30 pm in the evening...

Hence it is another  Journey of Travel which I Experienced and the main thing we Experienced was the View of the Backwaters and mainly the Temple is Famous Bcoz it is on the River " Badluck " Due to a Pandemic to avoid Crowd the Temple was Closed and Overall the Backwaters of Kaveri River and its Surrounding was Wonderful to Experience and see u all in another Travel Experience of My Until then Baye Baye .....

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