Exploring Gufa's Resturant Karnataka

 Exploring Gufa's Restaurant Karnataka

It was a wonderful evening and I planned to taste Chicken Kabab at Gufa's Restaurant which is a Cave restaurant located on the Top Floor of PAI Vista Mysore the cave is Designed in Stone architecture which is like entering the Kingdom, inside the Cave the feel was wonderful and the covid protocols were well followed. The ambiance of the place felt very tropical, and the fragrance was rendezvous. We first started with starters which included French Fries and 7ups and also Chilly Chicken 65 Kabab and also Soups which were yummy for starters after having spicy Starters we ordered the mains Chicken Briyani and Butter Naan with Butter Chicken and also Fish Kabab and also Lassoni Kabab. 

First Tasting Chicken Briyani with rytha was a Special and Wonderful Experience with the smell and Hotness and Taste of Briyani was so wonderful Feel with rytha and almost so softness in Chicken Piece and also Rice it was Perfect one to Experience and Yummy Loved it


Next, I had Butter Naan with Butter Chicken Gravy the Roti was soft and with the sides of Butter Chicken it was a bit Spicy and Yummy and Hot wonderful Butter Naan With Butter Chicken quite a different Experience having in a Winter Season was a wonderful Feel 

Experiencing Lassoni Kabab and Banjaras Kabab " There is a difference between the two but Both the Kabab Looks same but Taste is the Different " Banjaras Kabab is a New thing I Experienced in the Gufa's Restaurant and  it was Bit Spicy Kabab and its Specially Made in Northern Part of  India and also Southern Parts of India and this kabab was made with Hyderabadi Style and it was Bit Spicy and New to Experience and Interesting because whenever we go through kabab we order basic Kababs like Chicken 65 and Lassoni Kabab but this Banjara Kabab was a different one  to taste after Experiencing Briyani and Naan and Kabab, at last, we had ice cream with Butter Scotch and Pista and Vanilla and Cold Coffee and since I went with my Family it was shared to my Mother and Sisters I took Cold Coffee which I Felt like having after having few spicy foods it was wonderful and chill inside the Feel was amazing and overall it was a satisfying Experience in Gufas Restaurant and Wonderful Food and Services and Interesting thing was Banjaras Kabab which i Feel was a Different One to Experience  and wonderful Place to Conducts events party and Gettogether Functions and Lodging too and Excellent Parking Facility and 5/5 Review Gufa's Resturant 

 I Felt happy about their Service and even they maintain the Hygiene after Covid and even they served food at times so overall an amazing dinner i had at Gufa's which was a wonderful experience and see you all in another Travel Experience of My until then Baye Baye...

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