Travel to Thalakadu and Exploring its Surrounding Temples

 Travel to Thalakadu and explore its Surrounding Temples 

It was a Wonderful Weekend Saturday I planned a Trip to Thalakadu which is around 65km From Mysore City and 170km From Banglore Thalakadu is Famous for its Historical Temple and which is on the banks of River Kaveri and it was morning 8am I planned a sudden trip to Thalakadu and got ready and Departure at almost 11am in Morning after Completing an amazing Breakfast which was Yummy and Positive Start to the Travel  the Climate was sunny and it was a Beautiful Morning I took Sandals Because Thalakadu is a place where one needs to walk on sand and that's why to make easy for walking I took sandals it was almost Morning 10am I got ready and started my Journey to Thalakadu its an hour Journey from Mysore city I took the fastest route from the house which connects me to Mysore - T.Narisipura Road and there is an alternative route to Talakadu it's through Bannur Road but the T.Narsipura road is shortest to reach the destination and we took that route and started my journey the things i experienced while reaching the thalakadu is the Climate Conditions and also the Experienced Beauty of Village Near T.Narisipura and it's Surrounding Village the Thalakadu Road surrounding places were intensify nature with Greenary look Farm Land which were wonderful to Experience and feel while Travel which is a Good and Postive Resemblences and feeling these Expeience the time has passed by and at afternoon 12:30pm i reached my destination Thalakadu " the thalakadu is famous for historical Temples and also the Curse and Kaveri River Beach 

" The First Temple we visited which is at the entrance of the forest is " Veerabadreshwara Temple " and two Hunters Guarding Temple " Thala and Kadu " So the Thala Kadu was Named like that and Veerabadreshwara is the First Shivan Temple we saw at Start and Next we Climbed the stairs which are paths to the Forest after Climbing the Stairs " The Path is Full of Sand and Surroundings " Full Forest to Explore Different types of Shivan Temple " I started walking on the sand " the sand was Chill and wonderful to walk and I was interested to know more about " Thalakadu " and its History and I decided to Go with Guide " Sri Venkata Chala who is the Local Guide in Thalakadu Tourism took us inside the forest and explored  Different  Shiva temples which are Located across Thalakadu walking on the sad feel was chill and amazing but at the same time it was a caution to watch my steps " since the place is in between Forests snakes Movements were alerted and the first Temple after a few minutes walk in Sand we reached " Pathaleshwara Temple which is first temple and this temple was Covered by Sand and was Recovered from the sand and also the 5 Shiva Lingamwhich was also Recovered from the sand.

 Temple was Reconstructed after completing Pujai at Pathaleshwara Temple we walked towards " Maraleshwara Swamy Temple " 
which is Just a Few Miles away from Pathaleshwara Temple we walked towards the Maraleshwara Temple and they were a few things which are essential for Pujai we bought those and got Darisinam from god and its a shiva temple and Climbing down the temple one should watch their steps and its steep and go carefully and after getting a blessing from Maraleswara temple we next walked towards the Chowdeshwari Amman temple

 which is located in the surrounding of the Thalakadu Forest  and on the way reaching the Temple the Monkeys were jumping from one end to another on the top of the sheet which was funny and noisy and scary too and after all the efforts I somehow reached Chowdeshwari Amman Temple and after getting the Dharisanam and Blessing from Chowdeshwari Amman temple I took a small break and experienced Yelneer which fulfilled our thirstiness and then we moved towards shiva Parvathi family temple which includes shiva Parvathi Devi and Ganesh and Murgan and Subramanya and Ravana Nandi 

 next, we moved towards the Keerthi Narayan Temple which was Built During Chola Period and its architecture were so beautiful Keerthi Narayan Swamy Temple was covered by sand and the entire temple was recovered from sand in the year 2015 by the central government of India and more renovation work taking places inside the temple and hence I got a blessing from Keerthi Naryan Swamy temple and its Vishnu temple.

 almost it was evening 5pm i have completed almost main shivan temples across thalakkadu which are all on the forest one need to walk on sand path which pass through the forest and overall i reached parking and made by return journey to home which was another 65km from thalakadu " i took T.NARSIPUR ROAD which is straight route to mysore after a few kilometers of drive while reaching bannur city i experienced a route Confusion and Google Map was showing my destination is another few kilometers almost it was dark " i felt ok let me reach the end and see what happens then i took the ring road which Google Map was showing and it was correct and it brought me in shortesr and safest route which brought me straight to ring road which connects to home and finally in a hour at 7pm i reached home it was wonderful forest experience the walk and also intresting shivan temple inside forest ,hearing the history of thalakadu which was a wonderful and real story to hear on the way while visiting temple and it was another unforgettable Journey in my lisit and see you all in another travel experience of my 

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