Journey to Kabini Reservoir Bheemanakolli Side

Journey to Kabini Reservoir Bheemanakolli Side 

It was a Wonderful Monday morning we planned a trip to Kabini Reservoir we got ready and we thought of leaving in the afternoon so by late evening we can get the view of the sunset we planned and got ready in the afternoon after having lunch it was around 3:30 pm in afternoon we started our Journey to Kabini reservoir we left home the climate was sunny and hot so which was a positive thing for us during travel we left home at 3:35 pm the Reservoir is around 73km from our location its around 1 hour by road we have to move through HD. Kote road will pass through the Kabini dam moving on through HD. Kote road and Crossed Hampapura the roads near HD. Kote is nice but it's in a Curve way we have to move carefully while overtaking the view of the road was like this 

The view of the road and it's surrounding " greenery " wonderful to watch and the Location were are going almost pass through the forest side  which is close to Nagarhole Forest so we have to move carefully in these roads there might be some speed breakers and road Conditions is horrible moving at moderate speed minutes passed by we reached Kabini dam on the right side the dam was closed but we have to cross the Bridge which Goes between the river 

The Entry to Kabini reservoir was closed after 5pm in the evening we have to move towards the Bheemanakolli side " which is around 10km from the Dam entrance we have to pass through the Bridge and go through Beachanhalli village and move on straight  the road after the bridge the view was wonderful but the road conditions were worst 

The time is moving fast we have to reach before sunset to get the view, the view after Beachanahalli village moving forward towards the Bheemakolli side " we saw a Checkpost before entering to Otherside " which also go through the forest we stopped to Confirm the address we stopped few meters after Crossing the Checkpost the Beauty of Village was wonderful to watch...

 We Stopped for 5Minutes to Confirm the Route the map was showing to take a u-turn and in Checkpost they told we have to move another 15km to our destinations " experiencing the beauty of the Village we Stopped for a while " the Tractors for Farming and Houses and Tree on both the side of the road which was a wonderful experience we are just a few kilometers away from destinations and we have to pass through Boredevanamanti and which will take us through Bheemanakolli temple the route is like a forest and wonderful to watch which was like this 

The view of the road which is Close to the forest side " small roads with humps and muddy surface we are moving a bit slower still 10km to reach the Destinations we are moving almost near to the Village " Karavadi " almost reaching the Karavadi Bus stop the People near the Checkpost told after the Bus Stop we will get the temple structured Entrance the View of the Structure and Entrance to Bheemanakolli Temple  the View of the Entrance was like this 

Bhemanakolli Temple Entrance and the View at the entrance was Like this " the time was around 5:30 pm in the evening we are just 800Meters away from reaching the destination we have to take a left on the Route and Straight will go to Temple " BheemanaKolli Mahadeshwara Temple " we Could see a gap to see the Backwater View of the River so going Close to the Destination to get the View u have to go a bit deep inside the place the path is a slope be careful and Moving down near the river we are Finally at the Destination the Wonderful View of Nature and Surrounding river was wonderful to watch 

 The View of Kabini Reservoir was Wonderful we got the experience to see how nature changes like the sun going down and Kabini River and its Surrounding Places which were wonderful to watch " the Kabini Side River Safari takes Place on the Left Side and we can get the View of Animals in Morning when it comes to Drink water " Because it is Close to Nagarhole Forest and we reached Destination at 5:45 pm the Sun was Going down the View of Sunset was Wonderful to Watch in the Late Evening at 5:50 pm  Minutes passed by the sun has gone down wonderful Experience we observed in the Kabini Reservoir near Bheemanakolli Side amazing time we had in Bheemanakolli and it was the wonderful trip we had and it was getting dark so we have to make a return back home after experiencing wonderful time at Kabini Reservoir.

 We Started our Return Journey to Home the View of the road while returning was scary because it's Very Very Close to the Forest side chances of animals Coming it was Getting Darker at 6:15 pm the View of the Hills were wonderful to watch and Greenary on both the side were amazing while returning we passed through Sargur which will take through outer the Village and will Connect to HD. Kote road and we are Moving through that route to avoid the worst road Conditions we took this route and the road was wonderful and we reached Handpost at 6:45 pm and minutes passed by we reached home at 7:00 pm it was an amazing Journey we Experienced and the thing to Remember during this travel is the experiencing the scenic Drive through Village and "Crossing through Forest and experiencing wonderful nature on the Kabini Reservoir and the sunset going down and nature changing was a wonderful experience we had during this Journey and see u all in another travel experience of my until then Baye Baye...

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