Journey to Mermaid the Aquatic Kingdom

 Journey to Mermaid the Aquatic Kingdom 

It was a wonderful Morning we Planned to Explore Mermaid the aquatic Kingdom which is around 20km from my Location the route will pass through the City and the Climate is sunny and hot Morning we have to reach the location by 1:30 pm we Started our Journey in an urgent and fast manner Packed the things and got ready at 11:00 am in the morning at 11:15 am we left home and started our Journey to the Mermaid Aquatic World the Traffic Conditions was Moderate and we moved on through City the Surrounding was Noisy "  Full of Vehicles and People shouting which was a different experience and we stopped at the Devraja URS Road signal for few Minutes the time was Moving very fast we have to reach our destination by 1:30 pm we are waiting for the signal the view of the Devraja Urs Road Circle was Wonderful the Center of the Mysore City... Where there are alternatives routes to everywhere and Traffic Conditions is Heavy " When the Signal was given " we moved slower and Crossed the Mysore Palace on the Right side "  The Beautiful Scenic View of Mysore Palace amazing and we are Moving through Mirza Road and we have to Join Harding Circle and pass through zoo road minutes passed by we crossed the zoo road and we have to take left and join T.Narsipur Road in another 2km we have to take a right turn which will go to Chamundi hills our destination is on the left side before climbing the hills 

Moving near the Destination wonderful cool climate and not much traffic another 500meters to reach the destination our destination is on the left "Straight road goes to Chamundi Hills " and Mermaid Aquatic Kingdom is in JC. Layout Karnataka and at the entrance of the Chamundi Hills... 

We finally reached our destination the view of the Place was wonderful to start with the marine life poster which was wonderful, The Tickets for an adult is 75 Rupees per head,  the Mermaid aquatic is the first mobile tunnel aquarium in India, and moving inside the building the view of the aquarium was wonderful to Watch.

The Fish tunnel which was wonderful after entering the aquatic kingdom "there were around 20 to 25 fishes moving above the glass tunnel which was wonderful to watch and it was like underwater feel wonderful to start and next we moved inside the aquatic kingdom we Could see different types of fishes starting from stingray, angels, and oranda gold and Ryukin Gold,  Zebra Dano, EEL and many types are fishes are there the place also have few extras like Mounted Aquarium with Beautiful Landscape, Upside-down aquarium, freshwater, and marine water fusion Pullodorium, Fish foot spa, play with fishes in pools for Kids, live ornamental Fishes and many more in the aquatic kingdom.

There are a variety of fishes in the aquarium which were wonderful to watch ... its a wonderful place and its located at the Entrance of Chamundi Hills Roads on the left side and 3km from Zoo and 10km from Mysore palace, the overall it was a wonderful time in the aquatic Kingdom I learned a lot about different types of fishes and also Marine life " and hours passed by after I explored the museum which was worthy and wonderful and the time was 2:30 pm we came out and made our return to the home amazing journey on my backpack see u all in another travel experience of my until then Baye Baye...

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