Travelling to Banglore During Pandemic

  Traveling to Banglore During Pandemic

It was a Wonderful Wednesday Morning I started my Journey to Banglore the Time was around 11:00 am in the Morning we Left Home I have to Go through Mysore Banglore Highway which is around 155km and Fresh Morning with Cool Climate to Start My Journey and we are Moving Through Ring Road which will Connect me directly through Columbia Asia Hospital Signal and From there I have to Move on so I was Moving on the Ring Road the Climate was hot and Sunny Morning which was Wonderful to start my travel Stopped at the Ring Road Signal for 2 Minutes Crossed the Ring Road Signal and on the Left Side GRS Fantasy Park, Snow Park of the Fantasy Park with wonderful Snow Background and Still Few Kilometers and near Columbia Asia Hospital I have to take Left and Continue on the SH-275 Banglore Mysore Highway the Traffic Conditions was Moderate in the Highway, Speeding on Through Srirangapatna over the Kaveri Bridge "  The Kaveri River Flowing " Below the Bridge and Speeding Through Banglore-Mysore Highway Becareful There are Some diversions on the road " Due to Broding of Road Under Progress so Should be careful while driving on the highways "  in some Places in Middle u have to go to Left and Right and the Construction work is under Progress...and Moving on the SH-275 we reached mandya at 12:15 pm afternoon we Struck in the Traffic " Heavy Traffic Conditions till we cross the Signal in Mandya ... " Moving bit Slowy From the Signal " the vehicles are moving slowly and Minutes passed by we Crossed the Signal and Continued through SH-275 and Moving on at the Speed of 85km/hour and Overtaking was a bit Difficult due to diversions in the Highway moving on the Highways hours passed by the time was near to 2pm in afternoon we reached Kengari " From here in 800Meters we have to take Left and Follow through Nice Road and which will take us without Entering City Interior and we entered the Toll Gate " we took and Moved through our Destination " Electronic City "  the Nice road was wonderful Drive " the Climate Started raining and we are Moving through our destination and the time we reached was 2:30 " due to Continous rain we slowdown our speed and after Finishing our work " we explored a2b Resturant in the Mysore Banglore Highway we have to take left to a2b Resturant there is a wonderful Space for Parking Exploring the Resturant 

For dinner, we are taking Precautionary Steps " not many people in the restaurant was outer the electronic city a wonderful place to have dinner so first entering Sanitized and washed our hands and Orderd the Items Like Idly Vadai Sambar as the Starter and set Dosai 

Which was served with leaf and not much oil in the Vadai with Sambar and Coconut Chutney and Onion Chutney which was wonderful and yummy at the starter...

 After having starters we ordered Setdosai and Filter Coffee which was a wonderful dinner while traveling... the Setdosai which was hot and soft with 3different types of Chutney " the green Chutney which is wonderful with onion Chutney and Coconut Chutney and sambar which was a wonderful and hot dinner and after having dinner we had hot filter coffee " which was a wonderful combination and even hot water was Served. Since its a Pandemic time it is always safe to have hot water after dinner especially during travel we also took precautionary steps while having dinner and even the restaurant and its associated staffs also took precautionary steps by Wore mask and sanitizers were kept in every corner of the restaurants and awareness to the pandemic was Created in the front of the restaurant for Customers to Follow... 

and hence Travelling to Banglore during pandemic I would suggest people follow Precautionary steps while Travel during this time...see u all in another travel experience of my until then Baye Baye...

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