Exploring Colonel Bailey's Dungeon

Exploring Colonel Bailey's Dungeon Srirangapatna Mandya District Karnataka

It is a Venerable Prison with a dark history and undergrounded Tortures Chambers for Prisoners the place is Located Next to Srirangapatna Railway station and Close to Kaveri River, after Paschima Vahini Karnataka Visit we explored to Colonel Bailey's Dungeon which is Located another 5km from Paschim Vahini Karnataka we have to Pass through the main road and reach this place the time was afternoon 3:30 pm we are on the way towards the Dungeon the Climate was Overcast Condition and Cool we are Passing through Paschima Vahini and took left and joined the Mysore Banglore Highway we have to take left in another 2km the Circle of Srirangapatna " Right Side Goes to Tippu Sultan Palace and Gumbaz, and Nimishamba Temple, taking left on the Circle we passed through a Small Village and then we moved on towards the Dungeon " the entry of the Road was like a Fort which was wonderful at the Entrance the start 
we are 
and moving on towards Dungeon we are reaching almost near to the Dungeon we saw a temple on the left side of the Dungeon the View near the Temple was wonderful which was the entrance to the temple 

We have to go right for the Dungeon and on the right side of the ground, horse riding was going on we got a bit Confusion about the route we should have taken next left so its straight road to Dungeon I took and U-Turn towards the parking of temple and went Through Parking and  300meters were are reaching our destination " the Colonel Bailey's Dungeon which is on the right side " Parking the Vehicles on the left side and moving towards the Dungeon at the Entrance was Board and Map of Places to Visit in Srirangapatna which was Described in Map board with Diagram 

The Places to Visit in Srirangapatna " and The Places " Rangathittu Bird Sanctuary, Nimishamba Temple, Tippu Sultan Place, Tippu Death Place, and Gumbaz and also from Railway Station it was Described in the map diagram at the entrance of Dungeon " Climbing the Slope up and we have to go down via steps to see the Dungeon after Reaching the top of the place Dungeon entrance we saw the under Ground Jail which we have to Climb down and see the view from the top was interesting to watch..

It is a Venerable Prison with a dark history and undergrounded Tortures Chambers for Prisoners"
Getting down toward the jail we Could see a Huge "Canon Firing " Fixed on the Ground which was used during the war with King Tippu Sultan in Srirangapatna The Huge size Canon Firing was Kept in the Center of the Building 

This Canon Firing was used in the 17th Century which was kept on the Colonial Bailey's Dungeon 
 which was wonderful to watch it's very huge at the center of prison we took few Photoshoots and also there was a light Opening in the top of the dungeon so the light was coming from hole and we also Could see Chains and a place for locking the handcuffs and also small steps at every end after exploring inside we Climbed back to the top of the dungeon were we saw Kaveri river flowing behind the dungeon the beautiful view of Kaveri river was wonderful to watch and which is below Kaveri bridge.
The climate was overcast and cool chill wind breezing we took from Climbing on the stone the View of Kaveri river flowing we could see full green surrounding and river flows in between which was wonderful to watch and it was overall a wonderful View we got and getting back to the entrance we did horse ride "which was a wonderful experience and moving back to the entrance of the Colonel Bailey's Dungeon and making the return journey to home before we make the return journey to home we moved towards another place where King Tippu sultan body was found it's just around 1km from the Dungeon so we are moving towards the place were king Tippu Sultan body was found minutes passed by we reach the place which is on the left side 

King Tippu Sultan Death Place which is on the way and few kilometers from the Colonel Bailey's Dungeon the place surrounding and design on the wall is like tomb shape and there is the entrance the letter return on the stone is " The Body of Tippu Sultan was found here" after seeing the place we made our return journey to home " the time was around 4:00 pm we are moving through another route " through Bangalore Mysore highway " 

 we crossed the fort structure and took right on the circle of Srirangapatna and moving towards Mysore " 22km there were moderate traffic Conditions and we have to take right on Columbia Asia hospital signal and we moved on the ring road and reached home at 4:30 it was wonderful Travel the things I learned through this Journey " History of Srirangapatna, King Tippu Sultan History, and also Colonel Bailey's Dungeon... Be careful while driving on Mysore Banglore Highways " You need to take Lots of Diversions, the road under Constructions and travel safe " See you all in another Travel Experience of my until then Baye Baye..... 

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