Points one should remember while travelling

 Points one should remember while travelling

Travelling is one of the Most Wonderful thing that Every Human Being Pass-through at one Stage of Their Life. Travelling Creates Excitement & Relaxing and Reduces Stress and Strain in one's Life and also Change the Mood of Every Human Being and it  Creates an Enjoyment and Wonderful Time with  Family.
 The points that One Should Remember While Travelling are 
Planning the Trip 

The First thing and  Most Important Point in Travelling is Planning The Trip and Making the Schedule Ready Before Departure .

Packing Things 

While Travelling Carry Essential Things which you Need and Carry Important Things Like Clothes, Extra Shoes and Sandals,  and make sure You carry the Things Lightly.

Learn to Explore the Place 

Learn about the Place if you are Exploring the Place for the First time and also Try to Communicate with the New People and also Learn about the History of Place to Communicate with Guides and Officials and try to Understand the information about the Place you are Exploring and make use of Offers and Discounts.

Communication with Family & Friends During Travel

Stay Updated and Inform Family & Friends about Your Journey which will be Helpful During Difficult Conditions and also share about the Places you are Exploring. 

Keep Note on  Navigation & Maps 

Use Maps while you are Travelling to New Places and Turn the GPS on " in case if You Miss any Street you can Navigate with the Help of Maps.

Check Transportation and Necessary Documents During Travelling

Have Check of the Necessary Documents Essential For Travel like Visas Keep Track on that and also make sure your Documents are Safe and also Check the Tickets of your Next Flights and be in Time and Keep things Ready while Checking in. 

Check For Travel Warning and Health Advisory

Make a Complete Check on the Destination you are Travelling to and Make sure there are No Travel Warnings and also Check Before Departuaring to the destination you are Travelling and also Make sure you Check CDC (Center of Diseases Control ) Websites Before Travelling to any Country.

Check on Essential Medical Kit   

Make Sure you Check Essential Medical Kits which are very Much Needed and also Carry Precautionary Medical Kits like soaps & Sanitizers and Mask to Protect Yourself from being infected by Viruses and Bacterial Infections. 

Internet and Technology 

Internet and Technology is very important while Travelling to Destinations " whenever you enter  Make sure You use Internet and Technology to Know about the Place and also the Place you are traveling... 

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