Journey to Upside Down Museum

 Upside Down Museum Grs Fantasy park 

It was one of the most Beautiful Sunny and wonderful Summer afternoon suitings for travel I planned a trip to GRS Fantasy Park " Inside there are two other Interesting Place " One is Snowpark and another is Upside down Building so I decided to explore upside down museum with my mom which is a different one and wonderful to have Fun and GRS Fantasy Park is also an amusement park " but recently new museums they have developed which are entertaining and wonderful for visitors I started my journey to the GRS Fantasy Park which is around 5-6km from my location and I have to go through NH-275 and after crossing ring road signal we reached the GRS Fantasy park at around 3pm in the afternoon at the entrance Temperature was checked and the upside-down building is on the left side of the GRS Fantasy Park and next to GRS Snow Park before entering the Upside Down Building you have to take tickets and band in the GRS Fantasy Park Counter the photos and rules and regulations were put on the entrance

Walking towards upside-down building after the checking we have to leave the Footwear down and Climb the Stairs again before entering the Museum temperature is Checked and our First Experience was an upside Car which is sealed on the sealing and when we raise our hands it is like going inside the car in Upside down manner which was wonderful and funny to start and straight opposite to the Classical Car was a beautiful and realistic wall painting of witch Cooking and we have an iron rod to sit and react to the paintings and we have to sit and react as per the upside painting so I sat and raised my hand which was realistic and wonderful to watch 

when we make the pic upside and see the reality of the paintings we will get and " the witch is making food out of me " ha ha ha a wonderful and realistic it is the reality is am sitting still and raised my hands when we invert the pic in the opposite directions we will get the reality of what is actually the Place is and also the Museum consists of home interiors and also Restaurants Type of things so everything has different poses which will give the meaning of the place and next after Exploring the witch paintings we Explored a room  with an inverted chair 

in this room, the pose is I kept one leg on the Chair and am just standing like pushing positions and next we are going towards the rest of the Interiors which are Designed wonderful and its poses are very Funny moving on to next side consist of the Kitchen and office space of the home everything is kept in Upside Down manner moving on towards the second sectors of the Museum 

in the second sector of the Museum we could find an Upside Kitchen at the start which is amazing the poses is am trying to take out plates and my mom is cooking so this is an actual thing we tried in the museum and next, we are going through an office space which is upside down which is kept on the next room 

The office space consists of laptops and Study table and overall things Essential for office Purpose which are all Designed in an upside-down manner wonderful to experience and we enjoyed those space and every item is wonderfully Placed and  Moving on to the next room the Bathroom which  is made in an upside-down manner the funny thing is that it will be like diving inside the Toilet ha ha ha lol but its Fun Experience we got actually the objects are placed in such manner which when u rotate the pic in the opposite Directions it will have the Detail of what the Picture is 

" The Funniest Incidents I and my mom experienced is the washroom poses where the reactions are Very funny when we rotate the pic to the opposite angle we get the Real Picture but for me, it's Like diving inside toilet " Ha ha ha lol" almost I have laughed for few Minutes after seeing this Pic it's Really Funny 😂😂 and 

next, we moved towards the Scotter an Old Hand-Brake Scotter which was Really funny to Experience it was Like a hero Pic of My, haha😂😂 and while experiencing the Scotter it was like a 90's Feel and also reminded me about Childhood when I saw the old Model Scotter " Reminded me the Thoughts " while Playing in Childhood the same feeling came when I saw the old model Scotter with Background Drawings in a Street " it was Really wonderful and Classical Feel I got  The Drawings were made beautiful which showed Classical Streets and the Scotter is Matching the Instances and next,

we saw a restaurant which is right Opposite to the Scotter and Classical City background and next I experienced the classical hotel which was decorated with the Classical Chairs 

after taking few shots I took a snap with a wonderful and realistic background of smashing walls which shows us like "when we smashed "the wall got cracked ha ha ha the funny one but it's realistic and wonderful next only a few things like an inverted bedroom are left and also the rotate Spherical Cylinder which is will be moving at a certain speed on both the side "it will be dark and center u have to walk to another side by watching straight it will divert the attention and will also lead to giddiness so before entry one will be asked and that's it we had a wonderful time at the upside-down museum and we came down and we were hungry so I explored for hot yummy Noddles near the entrance of snowpark "the hot water cup Noddles which were wonderful and also Coffee and Ice Creams and Juices the time was almost 5pm in the evening we really spent hours in the Museum we didn't feel the time was moving so that much interesting it came back to parking we have to return the band so Rupees 100 will be refunded in tickets which one will get during Return overall i had a wonderful time with my mom and we felt the Place was useful and also Intresting "and we finally reached home at 5:30 pm in eveing another wonderful Journey in my Bagpack and see u all in another travel Experience of my until then bye bye ....

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