Why There are Restrictions on Travel Globally?

 Why There are Restrictions on Travel Globally?

Since 2020 the pandemic Started to Spread to the entire world " In order to curb the further spread of the pandemic countries worldwide imposed Lockdown for months due to which a number of people across the globe faced economic crisis alongside the global spread of the pandemic. The Travel and Tourism sector, Hospitality Industries worldwide witnessed huge recission aftermath the spread of the Pandemic dropping Global GDP to the lowest ever in the history. Despite the fact that Lockdown being lifted still Travel and Tourism was under scrutiny. 

Eventually around the end of the FY 2020-21, again the global Pandemic started its boom with the onset of COVID-19 Wave 2 with new mutated variants which has compelled economies to begin vaccination drive at a faster pace. Thus CDC laid tougher guideless for International Travellers to get vaccinated and adhere to COVID-19 Protocols.

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