Exploring By the Way Resturant

 Exploring ByTheWay Restaurant 

It was a weekend evening I felt like tasting Chicken Briyani and also Lassoni Kabab and I found an Interesting restaurant nearby location the restaurant is BYTHEWAY and wonderfully designed in the form of boat and it is mainly famous for seafood like fish prawn and seafood recipes the entry of the hotel was wonderfully designed with gardens on left and wonderful parking space
after I parked my vehicles I walked towards the Dining area while going through the Dining area on the right side there is a place for Event Organizations such as meeting space Marriage Ceremony and also Party can be made there so it's decorated the decoration with lights the steps after reaching through stairs the restaurant ambiance was wonderful and also seating arrangements were  perfect
The starter I ordered Chicken kabab and Chilly chicken, French Fries and 7up the chilly Chicken was a bit spicy and wonderful the roasted boneless chicken Kabab was wonderful with Chutney and sides as few Vegetables and next the mains I ordered Chicken Briyani which was wonderful it was served with biryani and LegPiece and Egg on top which was very attractive and my favorite with sides Rytha

The taste of biryani with rytha was amazing and the smell of Briyani was wonderful the spiciness and taste was correct and not much oily and the rice was soft and wonderful and next, I had Lassoni Kabab which is a chicken Kabab Recipes which is wonderful to taste with Briyani the Spicyness of the kabab is the attraction for the Recipes and its looks which are wonderful and attractive and next I ordered butter naan with butter chicken I always
taste the Combinations of Briyani and Kabab and also Butter Naan roti with Butter Chicken is a wonderful feel the review for ByTheWay Restaurant 5/5 Review Wonderful ambiance wonderful Food 




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