My Jouney to Waynad Kerala and Exploring Waynad

My Journey to Waynad Kerala and Exploring Wayanad  

it was a sunday Morning around 11:30 a.m in Morning we suddenly made a 3 days Trip to Waynad Kerala so we Begain to Get Ready and Started our Journey at 1:30 p.m so we left our home at around 1:30 p.m we have one route that is via Bandipur Tiger Reserve which we have to Cross within 4:00 p.m we had a challenging Traffic Conditions till Najangud so we were bit late but we reached Bandipur at around 3:30 p.m were the atmosphere was hot but the Completely a lonely place surrounded by Forest on either ends and we also saw elephants poo on the way but the Forest was Really Silent and Very Calm place and we had a slow movement till check post bcoz of animals Movement  at the Forest so we were the last from Mysore to  cleared the Check post at the time and entered Kerala Broder at 5:30 p.m we were stopped in Between Huge trucks so there was some Fight Between two Truck Drivers who made this Traffic Jams for Hours Said by some officials after few Hours we moved the car into another Forest madumalai forest checkost is exactly between Karnataka kerala and TamilNadu Border where we spotted a beautiful Peacock crossing the Highway so the seconds when Peacock passed were wonderful and sudden so it went to another side of The Forest we alomost Reached Waynad there is Place called kalpetta so we haulted there in Our Friends Resort so he arranged a cottage so first day was full of Travel  and at the Night we had a Fresh Chicken Kabab with Hot Roti so wonderful Dinner and we where tired and went to day 1 ended in Travel..

DAY 2 At Kalpetta Friends Cottage Morning pics Loved the Nature
at around 7:00 a.m After getting up first Look @ the Nature wonderful.

After a Fresh Morning nature Look we had a hot chai with some snacks so after that we did some Basic Workouts in The Cottage we were staying we had a wonderful BreakFast at Kerala style so we went to Udupi Vegetarian Hotel so Tradition Kerala Style Food so we had idly, Vada, Dosa so we decided to visit two-place today so we came back to Cottage and we booked another Private 
The vehicle which was going through very curves and hilly Region so we were ready around 10:30 a.m we Visited 1. Pookode Lake so we entered the Place it was Full of Flowers and we really Loved that place bcoz many types of Flower and we had a boating so i was bit scared bcoz the lake was 40 feet deep like the Local People where saying and hill rigging was Going on above us we where bit Confused and scared bcoz its a huge Boat so more than 10 people can go so am scared of water but my uncle took me in Boat with Life jackets and i sat in the Boat for the First time and around 30mins we where in Boat and i was scared dont know what to do can't Escape but i faced it with Confident but even i had a little scare in Mind so did even see my sister was catching my Fear in Camera so really after 30Minutes when i reached the Ground i was Relaxed and My tension was less after that i carefully came to the Ground and i realized we have to face anything than Getting scared so this was one wonderful Experience we had after a long time .and after entering the park was wonderful with Trees around and surrounded by water on Four sides its really a wonderful morning we spent there.
wonderful View Behind me so after getting back from Boating .  so after few hours we Planned our Next place to Visit its

Pookode Lake 

this waterfall is inside the Forest so there is way and route for walking so there are ramps to pass through  u need to walk nearly 2.0 Km in Ramps and after 2.0 km u need to climb the Rock to view the Waterfall so 
with  the hardness in surface i my sister and my Uncle were ready to Go up in the Rocky Condition so we climbed around 10 rocks and reached near but since it was a summer time we couldn't see waterforce from top and it was a wonderful experience for me and my Sister and my Uncle we climbed at our best and were back to ramps and while Returning to parking we had some snacks and wonderful sweet and water at a store in the Kanthanpara waterfalls. so it almost completed our Travel Journey bcoz it was around 5:00 in the evening so we reached cottage around 6:00 p.m and around 7:00 p.m in evening i and my sister were enjoying the View from Top of our Friends Cottage. and also we had some Fun time playing with the Lights in Tree and  we really had a day 2 successful with Chicken and Roti with Panner butter masala for the Dinner so it was a wonderful dinnner. and went to sleep thats it Day2 ..of our Journey...

Day 3 Morning at kalpetta Freinds Cottage starts with a Selfie and enjoying sit out on a Hammock... 
a View from a window can see huge Hills From Windows... and with a hot coffee what a day to start My Morning. 

was Ready for FinalDay @waynad Kerala sitout @Hammock.. Cottage Kalpetta.

Today My day started with wonderful things so we are Travelling to Banasura Sagar dam and Thiruneli Temple so first we had Breakfast @ Same Udupi Vegetarian Restaurant at Wayanad it was around 10:00 a.m in Morning we had wonderful Break and Started our Journey to Banasura Sagar Dam which is around 27km from Kalpetta the Roads which are Going through were Surrounded by hills and Forest and Hairpin Bends just a Few but it took us nearly  50Mins to Reach Dam after Reaching dam we need to walk for Few Meters and u need to book Jeep to Climb the dam it's not possible for the car to Climb those roads so jeep we booked and its was Bumpy ride but finally it took just a Few Minutes to Climb Up and we have to walk till the end and we first saw the view of the sea. 

Looking at nature Behind me wonderful when i stood at the Top of stone really loved the Nature and U can even see some People having fun in Boating and some People are riding sea Bikes but loved this nature on one side on the other side of Banasurasagar dam the View is really wonderful look at the BanasuraSagar Dam Huge dam with wonderful Nature on all the side from the view am standing if u see people below are visible like Ant really we had some wonderful time there and next after enjoying the wonderful time we went to solar panels and Return to jeep bcoz sunlight falling directly on us first and secondly we where Tired so feeling Hungry so we left and  we got a jeep they dropped us to gate and we had our Lunch @ Another Resturant Before leaving To temple....while going to Resturant on the way we stopped @ Backwaters and we got another veiw of Dam backwaters ... while coming out of Banasurasagar dam we found one of the View of Backwaters u are not allowed to enter near this Location due to water is very close to land ...and the Kabini River is Deep so very dangerous especially Backwaters....and history of Banasura sagar dam 

after having lunch at Restaurant we had just a Few hours to Visit Thirunelli Temple so this Temple is Located Inside Forest and u need to Drive Very very carefully bcoz elephants Movement is More in this area so we Drove very carefully in Challenging Curves and Reached the Temple sorry the Temple HaveVery Strict Rules and Orders to enter so no Photography or Video is allowed inside and People entering temple should be traditionally dressed or else you will not be allowed inside to worship so we finally got our Blessing and Returned our Journey back to home so it was around 2:30 p.m to 3:30 P.m we were returning to Mysore via HD. Kote side so its rare route which comes Through Nagarhole Forest we reached at Nagarhole Gate @ Around 5:00 p.m we stopped @Checkpost and questioned by officials were are u coming from just general inquiry so they left us after 10minutes of Chat and while Reaching Nagarhole gate we stopped suddenly !!!!! due to a single elephant standing near the road one car passed but we patiently waited  for the elephant to pass 
after Few Minutes of Standing we Continued our Journey to Mysore @ Around 19:00p.m we reached home so I hope this was one of My favorite journeys which I really enjoyed sharing the experience with u all...good day and see u all in another Travel Experience story ...soon Tc and Thank u....... 
shortages in seasonal dry periods.

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