My Journey to Himavad Gopal Swamy Betta

My Journey to Himavad Gopal Swamy Betta 

Hello everyone is VigneshPillai today am going to share how was my Travel to Gopal Swami Betta. Gopalswami Betta is Located 80km From Mysore City and 225km From Banglore City its is Located Near Bandipur Forest Karnataka it was a fresh and cool morning around 9:30 a.m we started our journey to Gopalswami Betta so i was Driving the Traffic Conditions we good and Climate was very Overcast and Cool not much hot not cool we Travelled Through Najangud and Mysore to  Kozhikode so we had pleasant journey till Najangud so we stopped for Essentials and we Continued our Journey to Gopalswami Betta it took around 2hours to Reach Gopalswami Betta we Finally reached around 11:30 a.m due to Checkpost near Gopalswami Betta from Checkpost to the hilltop is around 18km so u are advised to Travel in Government Bus we reached Entrance it's like a door to Heaven Full of Green Trees and surrounded by Forest u can clearly see road in between Forest wonderful place there are Lots of Wild Animals like bizon, Elephants and Tiger has been Moving so lonely Travel is risk only from morning 7:30 a.m  to 5:00 P.m you are allowed to Visit. while Climbing hill top we saw a pair of two small elephants playing at Hill top the Curves are very narrow but a wonderful Hill View and Wonderful Forest area. we reached hill top around 1:00 P.M there is wonderful Krishna Temple at Top of the Hills surrounded by Full forest u can even see the Hills and also asia Largest dam Bansurasagar dam waynad Kerala so the nature is wonderful especially when the Climate is Cool and Overcasted so Loved the Time and wonderful atmosphere we had a special event at Krishna Temple
in the Hill top  so we had lunch and we had a wonderful view from the Grass lands behind temple were there are Electrical Baricads because beyond that belong to forest area u are not Allowed to cross the Line so while taking Photos becareful but a wonderful view for a nature Lover like me where we had cold air breezing and overcasted no rain really cool and wonderful we had and private vehicles are not allowed inside so u have to come by government Vehicles. 

The Entrance of the Temple was Designed in Gold which was Indicated me its a Lord Krishna Temple and in the Center of the Pillar was Krishna Statue " Krishna Holding Flute " amazing and Back was Entrance and Behind Tree, its the Forest area and u are Not allowed to Cross Beyond the Said Limits...the Atmosphere was Overcast Windy and Cloudy the Temple was @ the Center and From Entrance, u Need to walk and Visit the Temple and after  Entering the Place " We Waited in Queue for Some Minutes and the Line was Huge to Entry anyways Minutes Passed by we Got Blessing From God and there was a Special " Functions Held @ Temple During our Visit, we had a wonderful time in the Temple and we were Prepared for Lunch meals with Sambar and Sweet Served by the Temple Authority and The Plates were Given @ Temple we Had Explored a Wonderful Prasadam @ Krishna Temple Located in GopalSwami Betta which was wonderful and we almost had an amazing experience in the Temple " The Surrounding Atmosphere was Cool and Overcasted and we can see Forest and so many Hills and The Temple was in the Center of Hills which were amazing thing i Experienced....

so after having a wonderful experience in the hill view we waited nearly for 2hours to getdown due to no bus services and after at around 3:00 P.M The bus came while getting down the hills we spotted another elephant in between the forest and we finally reached around 4:00 P.M And reached Mysore around 7:00 p.m hence the experience was wonderful and i never feel like forgetting it....because the day i love the nature was at Gopalaswamy Betta even today if i think to visit these memories always reminds me ... 
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