My Journey to Celebrity wax Museum Mysore

My Journey to Chamundeshwari Celebrity wax Museum Mysore

It was a Monday Morning my Uncle was Telling about the Chamundeshwari Celebrity wax Museum which was Opened Newly Behind Golf Club and it was Interesting to Hear The wax dolls were Made Like Real I decided to Travel to This Place and Explore the Monday Morning Climate was Sunny and Hot wonderful Climate for Travel so I was Getting road 10km From My Location I need to Go Behind RaceCourse road and this Museum is Behind Golf Club and its Very Interior...the Time was around 10:30 am in Morning got Ready and my Next Travel to Chamundeshwari Celebrity wax Museum and  Leaving Home @ 10:40 pm and Crossing Hunsur Road and Passed through Metropole Circle and Need to Pass-Through Zoo road...minutes passed by we Reached Metropole Circle the Traffic Conditions till Metropole Circle was Not Much Traffic since it was weekdays Morning I took My way Through Shivrampet Road and should Pass-Through Devraja Urs Road and going on through Traffic in Shivrampet Road "People were Moving on Roads "Traffic was Slowly Moving and Minutes passed by the time was around 11:00 am Morning with Hot Sun we are @ Devraja Urs Road and "Stopped for Few Minutes "Signal" and we Need to Cross Signal and Pass Through Palace Road and Cross Harding Circle and Need to Pass through zoo Road...after a Minute or two we Crossed the Devraja Circle Signal and we are Moving Towards Palace Road and Minutes passed by the time was around 11:15 am we Crossed Harding Circle and we Reached zoo road... on the Left Side we can see Zoo and People Crossing Crosswalks and Sound of Flute and Tong Ride sound and Traffic Sounds " the atmosphere near the zoo entrance was Noisy and Heavy Traffic Conditions .... and Minutes passed by we Crossed the zoo and from Next Signal i Need to take Left in the Signal and Move towards T.Narsipur road and we took @ Chamundi Hill Circle and we Need to Take a Turn Near Jockey quarters and inner their is road and Moving on .... in 250 Meters on the Left there is a Farm and inside was the Chamundeswari Celebrity wax Museum and ... we are Entering "  the Entrance was wonderful with Thrilling Haunted House the Look was Like this  

The Entrance Next to Celebrity wax Museum was Haunted house in the same Building These dolls were Given Moving Effects with Sounds which was Wonderful and Thrilling to Start our Entry to Celebrity wax Museum.....

at the First, we Saw Vishveshwarya 
Statue and it was Realistic and Wonderful with the Same Costumes Sri Vishveshwarya and the Room was Cool and Music Playing Behind.... and You are Not Allowed to touch the Wax Dolls ...and we also Saw King Sri Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar Sitting which was also wonderful at Starting and Moving on Forward in the Museum we saw 

The " Babas and it Includes Baba Ramdev and Samy Vivekananda and Sadguru Sitting Below The Tree which was Wonderful to watch... and also we saw Sai Baba Statue Sitting on the Stone Structure which was amazing and Realistic ... and Moving on towards Next 
The room we saw Sports Starlike MS Dhoni, Johncena, Great Khali and Saina Nehwal, Leo Messi which were Realistic and wonderful to watch Every Character were well Designed with Wax...and was Given Realistic Feel 

And in the next room, we saw the Doll of Film Stars Like Micheal Jackson, Amitabh  Bachchan, Rajkumar, Ambrish, Rajnikanth, these were Designed with Filmy Costumes and this section was Full of Film Starts and Cartoon Characters Like Mr. Bean were Kept in the same room...and Also we saw Charlie Choplin Spiderman and Superman at the End of the Room...

In the Next Room, it Included the Statue of Professor Albert Einstein which was Made realistic and wonderful...and Moving on forward we saw Statue of Kalpana Chawala which was Made Realistic and it was Costumed with Astronauts which was Wonderful...
 and this room Consist of Scientist and Astronauts which also Included Neil Armstrong... and in the Next Room, we saw Gandhi Ji Doll which was Wonderfully made with Realistic Effects...

and moving on @ the End of the Room we saw Mother Teresa Doll which was Realistic and which was Like this and Wonderful to watch and Moving on to the Next Room we saw the Wax Doll of DR.APJ Abdulkalam Former President of India and Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi Ji which was wonderful and Realistic to Watch...

 and Coming at the End of Museum on the Exit Door we saw a Kid Pool which was Funny and the Sound of Haunted House which was Realistic and Funny... and that's it the Celebrity wax was a wonderful experience even though it's a Short Journey very Useful and Started the Car Engine the Time was almost 1:00 pm in Afternoon we need to take the Same Route to Home we Need to Cross City and go... " So taking Reverse and Moving Out of the Farm Land I took Right Turn and Moved till Chamundi Hill Circle which will Connect us to T.Narsipura Road we have to Pass-Through Jockey quarters and Pass-through Indra Nagar i.e Zoo Road..." Minutes Passed by at the MG Road Signal on the Left Hand Side " Race Course and on the Straight Signal Behind was Mall of Mysore ... we need to take Right " Signal was Green I Took Right and Passed on Zoo Road... and Crossed Harding Circle and within Few Minutes we Reached Devraja Circle... the Climate was Hot with Moderate Traffic Conditions " The Atmosphere was Like Noisy one " the Signal Beep sound People Crossing Road and Traffic Sounds which made and Created a Noisy Atmosphere... in Few Minutes we Crossed the Devraja Circle and Moved on the Devraja Urs Road and Few Minutes passed by we Crossed Metropole and at 1:30 pm we Reached Home...." and Hence it was another Wonderful Journey of My Travel but it was Short Trip but was Entertained and Enjoyed the Time " the Wax Dolls were Made Realistic Look Like Celebrities and it was wonderful to watch... and Hope see u all in another Travel Experience of My Until then Baye Baye... 


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