Journey to Chamundi Hills Short Trip During Winter season

 Journey to Chamundi Hills a Short Trip During Winter Season  

It was a winter morning in the month of December I planned a sudden trip to Chamundi Hills " Planned to Explore " Chamundeshwari Temple, Nandi Temple, and ViewPoint so I got ready in the morning with fresh, chill, and wonderful overcast morning I got ready at morning 11am and started my travel to Chamundi Hills "  which is 15km city outer Hill Ghats Road I left home at 11:15 am in the morning I have to pass through Highways for a shortcut route " I took the Mysore-Hunsur highway and which will take me faster to Metropole I took that route which is nearly 15km and moderate Traffic Conditions on Mysore-Hunsur Highway " was moving at moderate speed because till metropole I have to cross nearly 4 Signals, Crossing Mysore-Hunsur Highway and reaching metropole took time from metropole I took right and moved on JLB Road and at Ramasamy circle, I took left and passed through the gun house and reached Harding circle from Harding circle I passed zoo road from the zoo, Chamundeshwari Temple is 9km i took zoo road and took left to Mysore -Tnarsipur route in the same route i have to go straight in another 2km i have to take right on the JC quaters circle and move straight towards the hills Climbing on the hills " road are curvy and hup we have to climb up to the top of the Chamundihills "  Forest and Hup area overtaking is the risk factor moving Carefully climbing the hills top curvy and hilly " on the left side of the hill we can see the view from top " Beware of Leopard " there are few numbers of Leopard Moving in the View point area for two wheelers should be beware while Climbing the hills " the Surrounding is like forest area so becareful while Climbing the top still another 5km to reach the Chamundeshwari Temple minutes passed by reached the new entrance of parking for Chamundi Hills Visitors the New parking is on the left side the view of the new paking 

after entering the parking " they issued a token and we parked on the parking another 500meters we have to walk to the Temple side from parking slot we have to move towards the temple market where we see Items " for puja and shops of ornaments and on the right side we saw another viewpoint from the top and also from down to top " steps route to climb the hill we saw in right 

after watching the view from the temple we entered the temple Chamundeshwari Temple " which is at the top of the Chamundi hills near the temple I saw few monkeys playing and jumping from one edge to another the view of Temple Gopuram which was wonderful to watch entering the temple huge queue " everyone was wearing a mask and till 5pm the temple is open in the evening and till 12pm the first session is open and we are entering at 3pm session

 we entered the temple and got a blessing from goddess Chamundeswari   and we somehow  came out from the god puja area " I walked around the temple and I clicked the Gopuram from Behind the beautiful gopuram which was wonderful to watch which was like this 

the View of gopuram from the left side of the temple and backyard of the temple was wonderful to watch and moving towards the entrance of the temple and we got Prasadam " sugar Mettai " and Ladoo which was wonderful and we came out of the temple the time was evening 4:15 pm and returning to the parking slot " next we have to visit Nandi Temple which is on the way to return Route " while returning to parking we could see "  Temple market on both side " all puja items will be available here and I got a wonderful view of the hill from the Temple Market while Returning 

The view of another side of the hills " the forest area full of green surrounding which was wonderful and amazing to watch now moving down towards Nandi Temple and ViewPoint Chamundi Hills " which is around 5km from Chamundeswari Temple we have to take left on the Circle of the hills " were the viewpoint is there and Coming down from the temple took left at the circle " 1km to Nandi Temple and 500 Meters to Chamundi Hills View Point on the right " the view of the entire city from the top can be seen on View Point 

The View of the Entire City is seen from the Chamundi Hills which was wonderful to watch from the top " Chill wind Breezing at the top of Hill which was overcast Climate Conditions the wonderful experience and loved the nature and I spent few minutes there and took some wonderful pics

From the Viewpoint looking down the hill, the view of the entire city is a visible wonderful view from the top of the hill with the Chill air breezing it was like heaven standing  from the top and minutes passed by I went to Nandi Temple which is on the left side on the same route 500 Meters from View Point " Chamundi Hills " reached Nandi temple the Beautiful Nandi Statue which was  Reconstructed decorated and with Flowers which was wonderful to watch 

The Beauty of Nandi temple was wonderful to watch and went inside the temple which is at the Center of the forest behind the temple there is another Shiva cave temple and also step route to the top of the hills and after  getting the Blessing from Nandi temple we had sugarcane juice which was wonderful and the chill had one it was amazing to have during this Climate 

the wonderful Sugarcane juice which was a wonderful experience in the top of the hill " enjoying the view and surrounding were Forest which was a wonderful time I had coming down the steps and the time was 5:40 pm in the evening now I had a wonderful experience in Chamundi hills now making my return Journey home from Nandi Temple u have cross HairPin bend and follow it straight will bring near the circle and u need to take left and pass through zoo road " I took the same route for my return Journey home the time was almost evening minutes passed by I reached home at 6:30 pm due to heavy traffic near the city " anyways it was wonderful Journey in my bag back I experienced wonderful things " having sugarcane juice which was fresh and also learned and asked locals how Nandi temple was reconstructed and also got a wonderful View of the Entire City overall the trip was short but it's wonderful and memorable time i experienced and see u all in another Travel Experience of My until then Baye Baye Baye.....

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