My Journey to Hampapura and Exploring our Friends The SKS Farm House

 My Journey to Hampapura and Exploring our Friends The SKS Farm House 

It was a wonderful Christmas afternoon I planned a trip to the Hampapura and also see our Friends Farm House which is interior in the Hampapura which is around 57km from my location we have to pass through HD. Kote the time was around 2:00 pm in the afternoon we got ready and left our home the Climate was Hot Sunny afternoon " we are taking a short route which goes straight to HD. Kote we took Shreerampura Road and it Connects to HD. Kote and Manathavadi Road which will go to Hampapura 

the roads are Curvy and Full of Trees on both the side The scenic View of Road which is wonderful to watch on both the sides we Could see Farm Lands near HD. Kote reaching near HD.kote and Crossed Handpost and Moved on towards our Destination which is nearly 20km from HD.kote and minutes passed by after crossing the curvy roads we reached Hampapura near the circle there is an Entrance we have to take a u-turn which will take us inside Hampapura Village we have to Move 2kilometers in the Interior the View and Beauty of the Surrounding was wonderful to watch

The Farmland Near Hampapura which is Wonderful to watch on both side of the Route we have to take left near the temple another 500 meters we took a left near the temple the Route which goes to our Friend's Farmhouse was Full of Mud Road and the path was inside the farmland

 Entering the Mud Road " Should be Very Careful while Driving in this Mud Road there are Huge Slope and Edges and should go slowly and Moving on slowly we are heading near towards our Friends Farm House which is interior of Hampapura and a bit Offroading Challenge we faced while turning near the Farm House we saw wonderful Farm Land Near and Minutes passed we finally reached our Destinations " The SKS Farm House Hampapura " Karnataka 

Entering the Friends Farm House " we saw 3 Muthoot Breed Which was barking at me and watching my Movements so cuties there look had some Fun time " Playing and Feeding them Snacks Like Biscuit and on the Right Side we could see Lots of Stary Dogs " which is on the Other Side of the Farm House 

There are Lots of Cute Stray Dogs which are altogether and wonderful Scenes and some are Cuties which made me happy " Some are Ferocious and Some are Very Friendly after having Fun time at Start and Moving Straight towards the second Segments of the Farm House Which Consists of Plants and Flowers and Banana Trees walking on inside the Second Segments of the Farm House we found trees at the Start of other Side of the Gardens 
At the Start, we Found wonderful Greenary Plants and Tree watching the Steps while Walking in Farmland there are lots of Plants and Chances of Snakes could be Hiding below the Grass area and walking a bit slow and I got a Beautiful View of the Farm Land on the Left Side which was Greenery and Wonderful to watch and Wind Blowing and we also saw Tiny Tiny Butterflies and Small Insects Home in the land which was wonderful to watch and Moving on towards " Climbing the Path which is made with Soft Mud Keeping Steps slow and Walking on the farm bit of Up and Grassy 
Another Portion of the FarmLand Consist of "Banana Tree "the Dried one and walking on sides " Following the FootSteps and Moving on on the Grass and Next I sat on the place to get the View of The Banana Plantations the Surrounding FarmLand and The beauty of Nature Sitting on a Sitout made with Strong Wood Blocks 

The Wonderful View of the Farm we got Experienced with wonderful Chill air Breezing and Evening time wonderful Experience we had  and moving on towards the Banana Farm Land and Exploring the Full Farmland, Full of Banana Plantations which was Wonderful to watch The View from the Wooden Sit out the Entire Farm Land was Wonderful to watch 

Walking towards the End of the Farm Land The Banana Tree Plantations which is a huge one a Strech of " Banana Tree " Full of Greenery Surrounding and the Chill Wind Breezing From Various Sides of the farm which was wonderful to Experience "  Following the Steps and walking on Farm on the Surrounding area we got a wonderful View 
The Surrounding Farm and nearby places were Wonderful to watch the Greenary look I Spent Few hours the Chill air breezing and the View was wonderful to watch I had a wonderful time in the Friend's Farm House " the time was around 5:30 pm in the evening now Getting Back to entrance of the Farm watching my steps while Going 

 The View from the Watch Tower Space " the Beauty of Nature which is Wonderful to watch the sunset view of the sun going down is wonderful to watch the surrounding full forest I had an amazing time in exploring my friends Farm House and also surrounding places it was wonderful to experience the nature around and it's Surrounding and making my return journey home after having an amazing time in Friends farmhouse we made our return journey to home " we took the same route Via HD.kote which is nearly 50km passed the Mud road and took a right which took us to Hampapura Circle from the circle we have to go left and moving straight while coming on the HD. Kote we found Saneshwara Temple which on the Left on the Highway we reached HD. Kote and came back through Srirampura Road and Reached home at 6:30 pm in the evening " it was a wonderful time we spent in Hampapura in our Friend's Farm House we experienced wonderful nature and also sunset View in the evening, wonderful Evening overall it was wonderful Trip on my backpack see u all in another travel Experience of My until then Bye Bye...


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