My Journey to Daria Daulat Bagh exploring Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace

 Daria Daulat Bagh exploring Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace 

It was a festival week of January I planned a sudden Travel to Srirangapatna Mandya District Karnataka " Which is around 25 to 30km from Mysore Karnataka the Climate was sunny and wonderful for travel in Morning Climate conditions was wonderful for travel got ready after a wonderful Breakfast with tea and packed my things and got ready the time was around 10:30 am in the morning left the home I took the straight route from ring road which connects to Mysore-Banglore Highway the fastest route which is around 30km passed the ring road and took left near Columbia Asia hospital took the Mysore - Banglore highway the roads were under constructions " the road Broading was taking place "  Moving Slowly and took Certain Diversions and moved carefully and was moving on the Mysore-Banglore Highway and on the left side "  we could see the road from " Belagola " and which comes through Industries and it will join ring road or will pass through Paschim Vahini Karnataka "  and again for Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace in the Main road we have to go through opposite side off the circle and at the entrance we could see sign board "  one route " For Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace , Dariya Daulat Bagh , Gumbaz , Thrivane Sangamam " and Nimishamba Temple.... so first comes Dariya Daulat Bagh and Tippu Sultan Summer which is around 2km from Circle and its on the left side " Moving on the road we reached the Destinations the Daria Daulat Bagh " Tippu Sultan Summer Palace and Museum the entrance 
Entering the Place  the parking facility is inside the place so we have to go another 400 Meters inside the Place and we Parked our Vehicles for Tickets u have to Book Via online " Due to Pandemic " the travel and Booking Rules are Changed " u have to scan the Barcode and make payment via online and which is as your Personal Details and Mobile Number and after Booking in the ASI Site you will get an E-Ticket and one have to download and show at the entrance and they will scan and allow you Inside and after entering the View of the Architecture " Indo Scenic " which was wonderful at the Entrance 

The beautiful Tomb at the Start and Pigeon were Flying around "  which was amazing to watch and on the front, we could see a Garden so the " Meaning of Daria Daulat " Garden of the sea of wealth " and this palace was Build with Indo Sacanic Style in 1784 By the king Tippu Sultan, to explore Tippu Sultan's Summer palace you have to walk nearly another 200Meters from the Entrance the View of the summer Palace Cannon Firing kept at Entrance we have to Climb and Move inside the Entrance the View of the Summer Palace 
The Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace the Cannon Firing and Bombs used during the Tippu Sultan war at 1784 was Kept at Entrance  and after entering the summer palace the wall was made with Paintings of King Tippu Sultan and Time during the battle and During Festivals were Mentioned in drawings 

The 17th Century Drawing Demonstrated the time during the Battle and also during the Festivals Events and traditions and weapons and types of Furniture and dresses used during the King Tippu Sultan Period wonderful Paintings on the wall moving on Inside the palace we could see the architecture the Indo Satanic and Designs and paintings During 17th Century which is wonderful to watch and only Photography you can take inside palace no Video or selfie or self Clicks near Paintings are Strictly Prohibited  

and moving on towards the other side of the palace we could find "Furniture and Weapons Used by Tippu sultan kingdom in 1787 During the war which is Kept and also king Tippu Sultan Dress were Kept and lots of drawings made in the 17th Century were Kept and King Tippu Sultan paintings were Kept and History of Palace was Demonstrated 

and next after crossing the Furniture and weapons we also saw a model of Srirangapatna which was wonderful to watch the architecture and designs of the other side of the Palace which was wonderful and Interesting Architecture 

 The outer walls of the palace have Frescoes of Battle Scenes the Inner walls are Decorated with thin Foliage and Flora Pattern which are wonderful to watch the Ceiling of the palace was made with Canvas painting and Flora Patterns which are wonderful and amazing to watch  on the west side of the wall the paintings Celebrations of Victory by King Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan over the British Colonel Bailey in the Pollilur Battle in 1780 the Left wall shows the Soldiers of the Tippu Sultan during the Battle with British which was realistic and wonderful  

The east side of the walls paintings shows Darbar of Contemporaries of Tippu Sultan including the queen of Hindu Rani of Chitor, Raja of Tanjore, Raja of Benares, Balaji Rao II Peshwa, Magadi Kempegowda, and Madakari Nayaka of Chitradurga, and Krishnaraja Wodeyar II in the top of the Palace there is a Museum of TippuSultan it has a collection of European Paintings, Persian Manuscripts. 

The Final Fall of Srirangapatana on May 4th, 1799 Tippu Sultan Soldiers had a Stiff Resistance with British Soldiers behind the fort of the Place there is a mosque and after Exploring the Summer Palace we Came and saw the Beautiful View of the Gardens on both the side " and amazing Climate which Suited our Trip and Next we are Heading towards Gumbaz were Tippu Sultan Tomb and His Mother and  Father Haider Ali tomb "the View of Garden which was Greenery and Wonderful to watch

The Beautiful Scenic View of Dari Daulat Bagh and Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace getting back to parking and the Things we Explored was the Paintings made in the 17th Century which shows how Tippu Sultan and his Soldiers war with British and also the King Tippu Sulat and Family and Festivals and His Kingdom and the Dresses and weapon and Furniture which were used During the War with British Soldiers and some were Illustrated in Paintings and some were Kept in Museum for Public View " overall it was a wonderful trip and many things I came to know and the Paintings on the walls which were Wonderful to watch and Now Heading towards Gumbaz will Update in Next Travel Story until then Baye Baye ...


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