Exploring Gumbaz-e-Shahi Tippu Sultan Tomb

 Exploring Gumbaz-e-Shahi Tippu Sultan Tomb 

After Exploring the King Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace the time was almost afternoon 2pm we next went towards Gumbaz which is around 4km from Summer Palace you have to move straight and on the Right Side you can see Gumbaz passing through Srirangapatna town and the roads diverge between we have to take a right and move towards Gumbaz and Cauvery Sangam and Left goes to Nimishamba Temple " we moved on right near going towards Gumbaz we saw a wonderful Farm Near Srirangapatna 

The Green View which was wonderful and Beautiful feel when fresh air blowing climate bit overcast which was wonderful to experience on the way to Gumbaz the route is curvey and moves interiors from the Village another 2km to reach Gumbaz moving on and Minutes passed by we reached Gumbaz and parked our Vehicles and there is no ticket for Gumbaz it's free u can see and come videography and photography is allowed inside at the entrance we could see Horse Ride and Shops near the entrance and only for parking you have to pay 

The Horse ride Horses Near Gumbaz were Colourfully Decorated with Belts and Clothes and it was so crazy and Funny to start and moving on towards the entry of Gumbaz the architecture was wonderful to watch at the Start the View of the Building 

after Entering we could see the Gumbaz with Persian Style with a Rectangle Shaped Garden, and a path to the Mausoleum in the Middle of Garden the Gumbaz is at the Center and it's with Black Granite Pillar the Door and Windows of Gumbaz has Latticework made with stone and Black Granite Material the walls inside is Painted in the Colours of Tiger Stripes and the three graves of Tippu Sultan his father Hyder Ali and his Mother Fakr-un-Nisa are Located inside the Mausoleum and on outside Relatives of Tippu Sultan are Buried in the Garden and Most of the Grave are Persian Inscriptions and Next to Gumbaz is the Masjid-E-Aksa which was Constructed by King Tippu Sultan 

The Gumbaz Construction is of Bijapur Style and Consist of Dombe Placed on a Cubical with Ornamental railings and Turrets Decorated with Spherical Shaped the dome is supported by 30Plus Granite Pillars on the Surrounding which is wonderful to watch and its entrance is towards east and Moving Inside the Gumbaz we have to Leave our Footwears and walk around 100 Meters inside Gumbaz you can see the Burials of King Tippu Sultan and His Father Hyder Ali and Mother Fakr-un-Nisa which is Kept for Public View in the Gumbaz and inside there is No Photography or Videography allowed Inside the Gumbaz u can take outside and architecture.

 and we came out of Gumbaz and on the left side and the right side we Could see the Burials Relatives of Tippu Sultan we made in Persian Type Architecture and the climate was so hot and the sun falling directly very hot " after seeing the Burials we Moved towards and Masjid-E-Aksa which is Located on the Left of the Gumbaz we Entered and the architecture was wonderful to watch and we asked the Guide about the History of the Place "  They Explained Tippu Sultan was Buried at Gumbaz, Next to the Graves of his Father and Mother During the Fourth anglo-Mysore war in 1799. The Burial Took Place after the End of the war on 5th may 1799 the British allowed For Tippu Sultan to be Buried at Gumbaz and was also Provided with Miltary Honour for his Funeral. The Burial of Tipu Sultan is Described by Many British Officers and on the right side the Gallery Museum Consist of Photos which were Painted During the 17th Century the Entrance was Tiger Tippu Sultan with the Paintings was made wonderful The place is located in Srirangapatna which is 25km From Mysore and 126km From Banglore and timings morning 9:30 to evening 5pm it is Open for Visitors to Visit we moved towards and Entrance and Next we are Visiting Triveni Sangamam which is around "  1km From the Gumbaz and Straight Road at the dead-end of the Road Triveni Sangam and we had Learnt the History of Tippu Sultan and also we came to know about the architecture and its the Place where King Tippu Sultan Burial with Miltary Honour took place in 1799 Triveni Sangam will Update in next article see u all in another Travel Experience of My until then Baye Baye...  

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