Jouney to Meenakshipura Karnataka

 Jouney to Meenakshipura Karnataka

It was a weekend Saturday afternoon I planned a sudden trip to Meenakshipura the Place Located Nearly 23km From Mysore City and 160km from Banglore it is a backwater of the Kaveri River and a wonderful Place for Nature  Experience I left home in the afternoon the time was almost 3pm the Climate was Hot and Humid Conditions I took Mysore-Hunsur Highway NH-275 which is the Shortest Route " we Crossed " Yelwala and took a Sharp Right after Yelwala " the Road passes through Village " which was Curvey and Lonely we were on the Correct Route and saw Beautiful Farms while Reaching the Destination which was wonderful to Experience 
The Route passed through the Villages " another 15km we have to Reach the Destinations " there were Some Speed Breakers on the way and also "  we moved slowly on Certain places where People were Drying the  "Hay" on the road we moved bit slow near that and some times it would Skid the wheels so go Carefull near that " Moving on we also saw wonderful Farm Lands Near Meenakshipura " the place was Very Interior to Village " Gundelchatra" and we are Moving on the Curvey Roads 

The Beautiful View of the Farmland in the Place " GundelChatra " Full Greenery " Fresh air Blowing I Stoped and Experienced the Effects it was an amazing experience "  the road to Meenakshipura is Bit Confusing " There are Multiple " Paths " and wherever we Go it Will Take to Meenakshipura View Point " we took the Route Via GoogleMaps " it Tooks us through Interiors of Village and minutes passed by we reached a place "  there were two Roads one is Mud Road and another Goes even More Interior the road was like it's Going through Forest " full of Trees "  a Beautiful View of the road on the right side we could see the Farm Land and it was like a Forest Experience " we have to reach a dead end to get the View of Meenakshipura the View of Farmland which is Wonderful to watch

The Place is Very Lonely " scary too but we moved and reached the Destinations and the path is Muddy and we found Durga Temple on the Left and we Finally reached MeenakshiPura Karnataka the Beautiful View of Kaveri River " the Place is Very Calm and Chill Sea Breeze " and wonderful Bird sounds around " we can see Fisherman " Going for Fishing " and wonderful to watch 

The View of Meenakshipura Backwaters During Late Evening wonderful Experience " the Birds Flying and also we could see Crows near the river is 40 feet Depth and in Far Distances, we can see Fisherman Catching Fishes in Round Boat " Very Far away and it appears to be tiny the Boat is Coming towards the Shores I Spent Nearly one hour the View of Wonderful Nature and also I walked towards the other side of the Beach and I got to see Cranes and Beautiful Birds drinking water and Flying around the river which was wonderful with the sweet sound I was moving towards  the other side "  they were some family enjoying the Time " I saw the Beautiful View of the River and also an island with Rock which is at the Center of river wonderful to watch 

The Wonderful View from another side of the Beach " the Beauty of the Kaveri River which is wonderful to watch and Experience but the hot sun during the late evening made me thirsty and I took a break in the shade " I experienced Cold Air which was wonderful things I Experienced and after few minutes the sun was going down I got a Beautiful Views of Birds Coming near the Shore

almost at 5pm in the evening I got to see Beautiful Crows and Small Small Birds and Cranes and I saw two Crows " sitting on the Empty Boats which were amazing and Cuties and they were Observing My Moves and I was standing still " Every one Step and Finally, I maintained a distance and got the View of this and also Birds and Cranes which were Wonderful times I Experienced During the Late Evening and Minutes Passed by after Spending few Hours in the Meenakshipura we also got the Beautiful things and we also Captured Few Crows near the other side of the seashores 

The Beautiful View of Crows I could go a bit near " and I got a Beautiful time Before Making my Return Journey " was Observing few Crows " Which were Moving from one side to another and it also was seeing my moves and Very Carefully I experienced the wonderful things and after Few Minutes the time was around 5:30 pm I Made my Return to home "passed through the same Route and I took and Left while Crossing the road we saw Beautiful Cranes on the Farm Land which were wonderful to watch  

there were few Cranes in the Farm Land "  a wonderful Movements Captured and Next moving on towards the main road " we have to Move straight " and 15km and then dead-end left which will Connect us to Mysore-Mangalore Highways " NH-275 we almost passed through Few Villages and nearby Villages " Hays were put on the road for Drying purposes and we came bit slow that portion and minutes passed by we almost reached NH-275 Mysore-Hunsur Highway and we took left and Minutes passed by reached home at 6:30 pm in the evening. almost a wonderful Trip and being a nature Lover I experienced the Beauty of Nature and its Changes and it's a wonderful Place to Explore in the evening for sunset View another wonderful Journey on My Backpacker and see u all in another Travel Experience of mine until then Bye Bye...


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