Triveni Sangama Srirangapatna Mandya District Karnataka ( Cauvey Sangama)

 Triveni Sangama Srirangapatna Mandya District Karnataka ( Cauvey Sangama) 

After Exploring Gumbaz we took a Straight Route to Sangam  which is around 1km From Gumbaz there is no diversion we have to cross the Village and reach the Sangama  " Triveni Sangam  " which is Famous for Cauvery Sangam  the Place where the Kaveri River Lokapavini River and Hemavathi River at a common Point which is Cauvery Sangama we reached the Sangama the time was almost 4pm in the evening we parked our vehicles and we have to get down the Steps " in Sangam the Rituals and Puja takes place and we saw a variety of food shops and Puja items Stores which sell necessary Items needed for Performing Puja and Rituals like Paschima Vahini in Sangama the Puja and Rituals Takes the steps are very very steep and Getting down very carefully watching every step and be careful while getting down the river the water flow is High and Moving River should watch the steps while Going down 

 From the Entrance, the View of Triveni Sangam which is wonderful to watch " The Flow of the River is High and enjoying the Beautiful View of River and Climate Conditions was Bit sunny and wonderful Evening getting down the Steps "  The Steps are so Step "  and Getting down Carefully for the View of Joining Place of Three River " I saw so many People were Performing Rituals and Puja on the river and also Playing in River which is  wonderful to watch " the Sagama is Famous " For Confluence of 3 Holy River Kaveri, Loka Pavani, Hamavathi River it is in Mandya District Srirangapatna and  after having Spending few Minutes in Sangama we almost made our Return Journey to Home bcoz it was almost 5:30 pm in the evening we took the same route from where we came and it passed through Gumbaz-e-Shahi and Tippu Sultan Summer Palace and in the Circle we took Left and which will Connect us through Mysore - Banglore Highway we have to go another 24km to Home and " Moving on the Highway the Constructions of roads and Broading are Underway should take diversions and go minutes passed by we Crossed the Highway and took Right Near Coloumbia Asia Hospital and joined ring road and Reached home at almost 6pm in the evening " the things we experienced " the Beautiful View of Sangama and also we Covered Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace and Gumbaz overall it was an Intresting and wonderful Trip on my Bagpack " see u all in another Travel Experience of My Until Then Baye Baye ..... 

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